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About Neety Dee


Anita Driessen is a mixed media artist, a grateful mama, an art teacher and a painter of textural story art. Much of her inspiration comes at night from her dreams where she meets mystic characters and goes to strange lands.

When I dream I enter into a different realm, a place where our world slips sideways. This place I go is complex and strange and everything is possible.

A lot like our world, but the dials are turned up to eleven.

 I see tiny creatures sneak past in devil costumes while trick or treating, and sweet angels floating by as flowers blossom from their hair.

I fly to a Golden Monastery, high on a desert cliff, where bees are treated like royalty and make the world’s best honey.

 I visit a man inside an underground bizarre who carves wooden lanterns into the shapes of forest creatures and every other kind of dirigible that exists. Even some that don’t.

 I sit and watch as these lanterns float up and up into an endless sky, their candles glowing, and I wonder - does this kind of magic really exist?

I think it does.

I want to capture these pictures and feelings I have when I dream by weaving them into stories through torn paper, ribbon, and old diary pages. I want to set a mood that brings a sense of the extraordinary and bizarre, where wonder and fascination spark a feeling that takes you to your own magic. Each layer is a sheer veil. And behind it  - another adventure.



Overlooking hills and faraway houses, I live with my partner Charles, son Micah and our two cats, Pepper and Chili.

I am lucky enough to have a family that supports my dreams, and I’m so glad that I cherished and nurtured my ambition to create art for a living. I will always pursue and travel this road.
It is never too late to do what you love and design your own life.

And Like Walt Disney wrote:
All your dreams can come true
if you have the courage
to pursue them.

Endless thanks for visiting my world.

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Mysteries are waiting to be solved and your creativity is the key.


“You are a GIFTED facilitator... thank you for the magical day."

- Sheila I.